Ndamukong Suh: Class Act

Suh gets the dirty player label, but I don’t think he is dirty. I believe he is a violent player and there is a difference between being dirty and violent. Suh has class and plays the game like a throwback player from the 50’s, people should respect that.

Check out this interview, he is very humble and soft spoken. He doesn’t brag about wanting to hurt Romo and go after his ribs. This is why people like DeAngelo Hall are classless dirtbags and people like Suh are class acts. I like the way Suh handles his business on and off the field. On the field he is a psychopath, off it he is one of the best character players in the league. That’s just how the great do it, they find a way to channel their energy and emotion during games and when the game ends they go back to being a normal person. That is exactly how Suh operates. Dez needs to do a better job and learn how to channel his passion. Look at how Suh does it, if Dez could channel it like Suh, Dez will be unstoppable.

Suh needs to be double teamed, no way around that. You either need two OL taking him out or use a FB/TE/RB to chip him and give Romo a safety blanket. Yes the Lions have Cliff Avril, Vaden Bosch and Corey Williams, and they all make up the best front four in football, but Suh is the dangerous one who can end your QB’s season. Last year Suh embarrassed Leonard Davis and almost won the game by himself on defense for the Lions. We must contain Suh or Romo will get knocked out of this game.

Please check this interview out, listen to Suh and how soft spoken he is for being a lion on the field. Amazing young man and I wish him nothing but the best of luck in his career. He is a hall of fame caliber player and I can say that in his 2nd season because you can just spot the talent he has. He is going to be the next Reggie White, that’s who he reminds me of. I haven’t seen such a dominant defensive lineman like that since Reggie White. We really gotta respect this Lions franchise, they are doing a great job rebuilding after years of terrible decisions made by their front office. They have the stud WR (Megatron) the playmaking RB (Best) and the QB (Stafford). Their big 3 are very similar to how the Cowboys acquired our big 3 back in the 90’s. They have two huge pieces on defense and a great young LB in Tulloch. If this team gets an offensive line and secondary help, especially corners, watch out.



2 Responses to Ndamukong Suh: Class Act

  1. CapnComeback says:

    Good article, Chia. One thing: Their stud WR is Calvin Johnson, not Irvin. But I know you know that, Michael must have just popped into your head when you wrote stud WR.

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