How Dallas Gets Its Groove Back

Do you remember a cheesy movie from back in the day called “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”? Well I do, and for some reason it came into my head today. Stella was in a rut, and needed to get her groove back. It turned out that all she needed was a nice island boy oiled up and with a six pack to beat that funk. Stella in football terms, had a blowout.

Can anyone recall the last time the Cowboys actually blew a team out? You would have to go all the way back to January in 2010 when we manhandled the Eagles 24-0. After that blowout we took that motivation into the next week against the Eagles and owned them all over again. This team needs a blowout, not for ESPN, but for themselves to personally get it’s groove back.

The Cowboys are going up against an inferior opponent in the 49ers this Sunday. We should never take a team lightly and continue our one day at a time approach, but we are clearly a better football team. Losing the Jets game isn’t the end of the season. There are still 15 games left to be played and by no means is it panic time. If the Cowboys manged to win that game, we walk away with a big mental edge to start the season off with.


If you look at the picture above you will see how we had to walk out of that stadium. Even after playing 3 quarters of excellent football against a Super Bowl contender, all it takes is 9 minutes to wipe away that feeling. If we can show up this Sunday in San Francisco with a mentality of blowing the 49ers out, I see no reason why we can’t.

Alex Smith is suspect and I mean suspect. This is one guy who folds under pressure easily and I would love to knock the snot out of this guy for 60 minutes. Our defense clearly looks better than I thought they would be. It was such a relief to see our defense play at such a high level after so much uncertainty entering that game. When you think about it, we played with only two healthy cornerbacks for most of that game. Imagine when we have all of our cornerbacks back? We should improve even more on the defensive side of the ball when we are finally healthy.

Beating up on Alex Smith may not be the answer to all of our problems, but I believe if the defense constantly drives him into the ground and forces turnovers, it will give the defense a mentality to run with for the rest of the season. The defense doesn’t really need to get it’s groove back, but they need to address their identity and facing a quarterback like Alex Smith is the perfect recipe for increasing one’s confidence.

The offense will have a much harder job in this football game opposed to the defense. The 49ers have a talented group on the defensive line. Their linebackers are talented, but young. Patrick Willis is one of the best players in the game, but the rest of their linebackers are fairly young and nowhere near as talented as Willis. The weakest part of their defense has to be the secondary and that is where I would attack them.

Romo clearly played excellent football minus those two plays against the Jets. Romo should have a great game this Sunday against this secondary. I want to see Romo light it up and have a huge game. He has to be a little down after last week and in his interviews you could tell he was upset for letting the team down. So you know what you do Tony? Come out and have a great game. Move past the Jets game, it’s over and there is nothing that can be done now to erase the outcome of that game. What you can do is move forward and show us this Sunday that you are Tony Romo.

What I want to see this Sunday is Romo light this secondary up like the 4th of July. I want to see the precision passing I saw last weekend that gave me goosebumps. All Romo has to do is play smart football and keep his head in the game. Honestly I wouldn’t be shocked to see Romo throw for over 300 yards and 4 TD’s this Sunday. Sometimes a game like that can get a quarterback right back on track. This is the perfect time to blow a team out.

Blowing the 49ers out won’t be an easy task. This is a road game and the 49ers intend on having their fans wear red, so the fans should motivated for this game. I expect another loud crowd this Sunday and once again we need to shut them up early. There were times in the Jets game where we shutdown the crowd element, especially on our opening drive. Start off with another opening drive like that this Sunday and listen to the crowd after that touchdown, all you will hear is crickets.

It has been too long since we have dominated a team and put up a lot of points. I think a lopsided win in our favor will be the fix we are looking for as a team and as fans of this team. It’s not like we are entirely in a funk, but I would like to start off with a bang this season. Knocking the snot out of the 49ers will do this team a lot of good moving forward. I see no reason why we can’t be 3-1 at the bye week, even though we should in reality be 4-0.

Stella got her groove back, I see no reason why the Dallas Cowboys cannot do the same this Sunday in San Francisco. I want to see complete domination in every aspect of the game tomorrow. It’s time to get funky Romo and get our groove back.


3 Responses to How Dallas Gets Its Groove Back

  1. Tattooed cowboy says:

    Very good wright up. I am with you on putting a beat down on them.

    I know you are busy but would like a short list of inside backers, CB’s and D-line to watch. Some guy’s we may look for in the draft.

  2. i think 27-13 against texans was a blowout last year texans added score in garbage time

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